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CDM is a relevant and updated certification that helps candidates gain new Internet marketing skills and implement creative ideas to a business plan. The material presented in the CDM program can help both aspiring marketing professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and business people, understand the potential of successful online marketing integration. This will equal greater profits for business owners and greater job prospects for marketing professionals. Emphasis is placed on developing practical and proactive digital marketing skills through delivery which encourages self-development, participation, and teamwork. Once qualified, candidates will have the confidence and ability to apply their new knowledge and skills to meet various digital marketing challenges as well as opportunities within the workplace.
Lesson 1- Introduction to Digital Marketing

Lesson 2 - Website Development

Lesson 3 - Lead Generation & Management

Lesson 4 - Web Analytics & Reporting

Lesson 5 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lesson 6 - Campaign Marketing & Management

Lesson 7 - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Lesson 8 - Content Marketing & Management

Lesson 9 - Email Marketing & Management

Lesson 10 - Affiliate Marketing & Management

Lesson 11 - Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Lesson 12 - Mobile & Proximity Marketing

Lesson 13 - Video Marketing

Lesson 14 - Strategy & Planning

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